I don't teach dance to primary children as such,

I set movement tasks for them to solve through action.

I value their creativity and ability to problem solve and work collaboratively.

Every child will have the opportunity to engage fully.

Lessons often include the phrase... 'find a way of...'

The above photo, taken by Brian Slater, shows Sophie & Keira in their own choreography

This process helps them to develop their choreographic and analytical skills which prepares them for dance lessons at key stage 3 & above.

Claire Pring B.Ed (Hons), M.A., A.S.T.

I graduated from Middlesex University in 1990 with a B. Ed (Hons) in Dance.

I taught in London until 1994 when I headed north to join Cheshire Dance as Dance Animateur for Macclesfield.

I was with Cheshire Dance for eight exceptionally happy years & this was where I began to deliver INSET under the guidance of Veronica Lewis & Julia Williams.

Since 2002 I have worked as a freelancer along with part time teaching at...

Buxton Community School, Derbyshire

Poynton High School, Cheshire

Biddulph High School, Staffordshire (where I gained my AST status)

In 2005 I completed my MA in Dance Studies.

I am currently the lead practitioner for Dance for Derbyshire; part of the Create & Dance team at the Royal Opera House; Associate Artist for Z Arts, Manchester & I regularly write for the BBC's dance podcasts.

I have also written resource packs for Birmingham Royal Ballet, Cheshire County Council & Derbyshire County Council.

Like most people there's more... but I think those are the important bits... I can send you my full CV if you'd like to see!

And... of course... I have a full driving licence & an enhanced DBS.