dance support for primary schools

Bespoke lessons...‚Äč

High quality creative lessons where your students create, perform & analyse around a theme to suit your scheme.



Whole day, half day or after school session to enable your teachers to deliver creative dance lessons with confidence.


Lesson plans...

Lesson plans written according to your requirements. 

Teaching tips throughout, recommended music.


Remote support...

If you live in a remote area have you considered support via Facetime? 


Making dance lessons easy...

Dance is a funny subject to teach, it doesn't have a logical, linear format, which I think makes it 'equally cursed as blessed'. Once you feel confident with it as a subject it gives you great freedom - but until then it feels difficult to grasp.

I can help you there - I can take that uncertainty away & give you the simple steps to make your dance lessons a success.

I work from a theme or topic based approach - my lessons support and consolidate the learning that takes place in other subject areas.

So let me know the theme, the age group of your students and I will create challenging, engaging and exciting lessons that are easy to follow and replicate.

The photo below, taken by Brian Slater, shows Cat, CC, Kayleigh, Ellie & Leanne in a dance inspired by Balanchine.


I've been teaching dance in primary & secondary schools since 1990.

In that time I've delivered in a very wide range of schools as both a teacher and a visiting artist.

I've been delivering INSET for primary schools for over 20 years now & through that time I have refined the process to make it straightforward and accessible to teachers & students.

My hope, when you watch me teach, attend the INSET or read through the lesson plans, is that you think... 'I could do that'.

Claire Pring M.A. B.Ed (Hons) AST



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